CPE 1800- Code of Ethics- 20 CPE Hours

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CPE 1800 - Code of Ethics

Provides participants exposure to the Code of Ethics associated with education.  Professional educators strive to create a learning environment that nurtures to fulfill the potential of all students.  With this being said, educators must also know and understand their legal and ethical responsibilities

The New 17 Content Topics Added to the Texas Teaching Standards are as follows:

1. Reading Literature

2. Code of Ethics

3. Child Development

4. Motivation

5. Learning Theories

6. STAAR Organizational Skills

7. Content STAAR

8. Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning

9. Classroom Assessment and Diagnosing Learning Needs

10. Special Populations

11. Parent Conferencing and Communication Skills

12. Instructional Technology

13. Pedagogy/ Instructional Strategies

14. Differentiated Instruction

15. Classroom Management

16. Certification and Preparation

17. STAAR Responsibilities


To expose teachers to the Code of Ethics associated with education

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