CPE 2300 - Classroom Assessment and Diagnosing Learning Needs- 20 CPE Hours

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Diagnostic teaching is the “process of diagnosing student abilities, needs and objectives and prescribing requisite learning activities”.  Through diagnostic teaching, the teacher monitors the understanding and performance of students before teaching the lesson, while teaching, and after teaching the lesson. Diagnostic teaching can inform teachers of the effectiveness of their lessons with individuals, small groups of students, or whole classes, depending on the instruments used. Within a diagnostic teaching perspective, assessment and instruction are interacting and continuous processes, with assessment providing feedback to the teacher on the efficacy of prior instruction, and new instruction building on the learning that students demonstrate (Guskey, 2003).


Classroom Assessment and Diagnosing Learning Needs was added to the state Teaching Standards in 2010. 

Classroom teachers will gain a better understanding of the methods used to diagnose student learning needs.

Participants will receive 20 CPE hours that can be applied to the 150 hours necessary for standard teacher certification renewal.


To expose teachers to the various instructional methods and techniques used to provide effective classroom assessments and diagnose student's learning needs.

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